• Eye Recommend- Dr. Connie Seto and Dr. Darcy Winch are members of this Canada wide group of forward thinking and progressive optometrists.  Eye Recommend's excellent youtube channel is a great resource to browse through.
  • CNIB- The Canadian National Institute for the Blind is an organization dedicated to  vision limited patients and their families.  Their website and staff are a great resource for information about vision threatening disease.  Did you know individuals do not have to be completely blind to access the services of the CNIB?  
  • Ontario Association of Optometrists- Dr. Connie Seto and Dr. Darcy Winch have both been long term members of this optometric organization which connects Ontario and Canadian optometrists.  The OAO provides excellent continuing education and educational resources.  Membership in the OAO is voluntary.   
  • College of Optometrists of Ontario-  The COO is the governing body for optometrists in Ontario.  Ontario Optometry regulations are governed by the College.  You can learn about the College's work at the above link.
  • Near ultraviolet BLUE LIGHT is becoming an issue for smart phones, tablets, and LCD computer monitors.  Recent studies have shown altered melatonin levels- affecting sleep- and contributing to computer vision syndrome.  Learn more HERE