Your family. Their eyes deserve our care.

Your family.  Their eyes deserve our care.
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Eye care for you.  Eye care for your family.
SARNIA FAMILY OPTOMETRY brings Dr. Connie Seto and Dr. Darcy Winch together to care for your eye's vision and health, beyond just 20/20.  Our welcoming staff, Bev, Deb, Abby, and Alma will help guide you in frame selections and in providing answers about lens options.

Eye care.  Eye wear. 

Fashionable eye wear, contact lenses (single vision, astigmatism (toric), daily wear, bifocals and more), comprehensive family eye exams, Laser surgery consultations (LASIK/PRK) and comanagement (follow up care), cataract surgery aftercare, and emergency services.
Two year frame warranty.  Exceptional lens options- digital, High Definition (HD), Freeform progressives- "invisible bifocals"- give you wider reading zones with less distortion, and as an added benefit, easier adaptation.  Digital single vision and high index lenses to improve vision performance.   HOYA's Tact lenses are a high performance computer option.  Blue light computer antifatigue options available.
Ask us what lens options will optimize your prescription.  

RAYBAN, Mexx, OGA, OWP, Nike, Flexon, Kate Spade.  

  • Children's eye care for all ages- infants, toddlers, tweens, teens, and young adults to age 20 are covered by OHIP annually- HOWEVER, ONTARIO OPTOMETRISTS ARE UNDER JOB ACTION FIGHTING THE ONTARIO GOVERNMENT'S INACTION SINCE 2004.  SAVEEYECARE.CA.  
  • CURRENTLY JOB ACTION ALSO AFFECTS adults over 65, who would ordinarily enjoy full comprehensive annual eye care exams, covered by OHIP.  Don't let eye concerns wait.  Eye health.  Eye care.
  • Adult complete and comprehensive eye exams are currently $115.  Most insurance plans cover these costs- check with your provider.  Your eyes will thank you!

Your best compliment is your kind referral!